Our Commitment to

Safety & Risk Management

As a leader in the construction industry the Gopalan Group is dedicated to ensuring all necessary safety measures are taken on each and every job site we work on. This is because we treat the safety and well-being of each of our employees with the utmost respect. This is accomplished through sheer diligence and discipline.


As part of our ongoing commitment to safety and risk management, each employee at Gopalan Construction has rigorous safety standards to adhere to at all times. Each member of our staff must undergo a mandatory 10-hour technical training course—at minimum. To encourage further growth and development, we do everything we can to incentivize and reward any of our staff members who seek to further build upon previously learned skills and safety measures. We even analyze past job site inspections for training purposes in our efforts to constantly improve.
Each member of our field staff team receives comprehensive training prior to beginning work on your project. We also conduct daily worksite safety inspections to ensure the safety of our employees, the public, all other individuals who may be on site. Prior to each job, we will conduct thorough site safety analyses to ensure that we are aware of any pre-existing issues to avoid hazards.