It is Important to Own a Home- Here’s Why!

The current pandemic has been a game-changer for us both on the personal as well as the professional front. It has made us value a lot of things. Mostly it has made us realize the importance of having a shelter.

This is undoubtedly one of the many reasons to have a house that you can call yours.

Here are some other reasons which will convince you to buy yourself your dream home.


1. Building Equity

Equity is nothing but the value of your property which will keep on growing when the market value of your house increases. Know how to calculate your equity. This is will further help you in the future to buy a new car or renovate your house.

2. Security

To have your own shelter is always more secured than a rented place. The rented place can be unstable as the majority of the decisions have to be taken by the landlord, and who knows one fine day he decides to not give it for rent anymore and asks you to vacate the place immediately.

3. Control on Costs

When you are staying on rent, the landlord may decide to increase the rent at any moment. Whereas this issue will not come if you have your own home. Though owning a home comes with its share of expenses but there is a lesser chance of them being increased unexpectedly.

4. Create your Dream Home

When you have your own house, you have the complete freedom of designing it according to your taste. From giving a theme to your living room to designing the kitchen, bathroom, kid’s bedroom, it is all your choice and there is no one to interrupt you with any of your decisions.

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