Interior Design- Remodeling and Decorating Tips

Whether it is about furnishing your new home, updating your bathroom and kitchen design, or simply refreshing your rental, here are some tips that will help you to tweak your home décor.


1. Figure Out Your Dislikes

Not liking something is always easier to express than your likes. By narrowing down your dislikes you will have a clearer idea of what you want in your home décor. You might not want a certain color as it might remind you of something you don’t want to think of, or you might want a certain pattern or an item in your living room because that brings back to you some amazing memories. Though all these are very personal, at the same time they also define your taste.

2. Decide Your Style

How do you want your home to look? Or how do you want your home to feel? Do you prefer a dark-colored wall or a light color? Decide all this before you go ahead with it. One more thing that can help you decide your style will be using keywords like elegant, traditional, monochrome effect, inviting, modern, etc.

3. Start from the Ground

Designing a house can be very overwhelming. Sometimes it gets difficult to understand where to start from. The best thing to do is start from the ground. Think about your floor, decide the floor covering. Make sure you properly think about the floor space, the pattern, the style, the tiles and so on.

4. Build Around Your Space

Plan your space. We often make a mistake and use furniture that is either too small or too big for a space. Select furniture according to the space you have. Think about balancing your space. Divide it into work area, seating area, dining area, television area. Have a visual interpretation of your space. Proportion and scale, two important things while designing.

Our dream house is solely ours and we want to design it our way. Starting from the flooring, walls, to furniture we want to take the responsibility of making it look the way we want it.