What is meant by Carpet Area, Built-up Area & Super Built-up Area?

I am sure every homeowner has been through this experience while house hunting. When you hear such jargon as carpet area, built-up area, or super built-up area from your agent or salesperson and wonder what it is all about.

It is obvious to be blank about it and not have knowledge of these terms. When it comes to residential projects, these are the ways to calculate the total area or the square feet of the flat or apartment that you are looking for.

Though these terms sound very similar, their explanation is indeed very different from each other.

So, to make things easier for you we are here with the explanation of these particular terms for you to understand them better.


Carpet Area

The Carpet area is nothing but the complete area of the flat that will be covered by carpet. When it comes to technicality, it is the measurement of the wall-to-wall area from the inner surface. It doesn’t include the thickness of the inner wall.

This will also include the kitchen and bathroom area. But areas like lift, staircase or security room will not be included.

Built-up Area

The Built-up Area is the combination of the carpet area and the space taken up by the wall. Unlike the carpet area, the built-up area includes a terrace, and balcony areas as well. This is the reason for flats to appear larger when seen in terms of built-up area.

The built-up area is considered to be 15-25% more than the carpet area which is also known as the plinth area in technical terms.

Super Built-Up Area

Super built-up area includes all the common amenities that are available like lift, lobby, corridors, etc. Other common areas like clubhouse, garden, swimming pool, etc, can also be included in the super built-up area. It is nothing but the total saleable area.