Take a Look at the Different Types of Houses around India

India, a land of diverse communities, different cultures with people living different lifestyles.

Lifestyles are reflected in the types of houses they live in. Each house is different from the other when it comes to the look and architecture. This can also depend according to the climate, demographics, and the people staying in that particular house.

Here is a list of some of the different types of houses that we get to see across India.


1. Apartments

Apartments are considered to be one of the most common accommodations that people are looking for these days. An apartment building has many separate sets of rooms to live in. An apartment is usually self-owned and maintained by housing units or associations.

2. Studio Flats

A very common concept especially for young working people who look for cozy spaces with all amenities available. These are small flats with various sections like kitchen, living room, etc, but don’t have any kind of divisions or walls.

3. Villas

Villas are all about luxury and style. Usually preferred by the upper-class of the society. Villas come in different sizes and may comprise swimming pools, private lawns, and driveways. Recently the demand for villas has increased and people are opting more for it because of the vast open spaces with greenery and landscapes.

4. Penthouses

Penthouses are usually found at the topmost units of apartments. These types of houses are a lot different when it comes to the elements and the features. Penthouses contain more luxury compared to any other house and consist of high ceilings and private terraces. These houses are lavishly constructed and are quite expensive compared to any other type of house.

5. Bungalows

These are one-story cottages or homes with small overall square feet and are usually found in the outskirts. With great architecture and all modern amenities, bungalows are perfect for a solitary family unit. Vast open spaces are a major advantage for bungalows.

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