Buying a Flat in Bangalore - Calculating the Total Cost

To finally decide to buy a house in Bangalore includes a lot of things but the most important thing is to calculate the total cost before buying your dream home.

Throughout our lives we go through various milestones, one of them being buying a house. And since we plan for our dream home there are a lot of things that we need to keep in mind. One of which is planning the budget and overall expenses.

Here are some aspects that will help you calculate the total cost of purchasing a flat in Bangalore.


1. Builder’s Reputation

One of the most important things while buying a house is to check the builder’s reputation. A well-reputed builder will always make sure to use quality materials for construction. Such houses/apartments will automatically be priced high.

2. Materials Used

The materials used and their quality directly impact the cost of the house. Though high-quality houses come at a premium price, the chances of repair or reconstruction are also less.

3. Location Value

Apartments or houses that are constructed in the market or commercial areas always have a higher value as compared to homes that are constructed in isolated residential areas. Apartments that have hospitals, educational institutions, and shopping areas come at a higher price.

4. Resale Value

New properties always value more. Also, old houses that are maintained properly can also have a high resale value. Residential properties that are well-maintained help in adding value to the property.

5. Amenities

Apartments that have a wide range of modern amenities are often valued higher. Nowadays majority of home buyers look for apartments that have all the facilities such as swimming pools, parks, kid’s play area, etc, even if it costs them a little higher.

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