All about Studio Apartment

Studio Apartments, a term famous among bachelors or people who prefer to stay alone. A studio apartment is nothing but a small apartment with all the functions of a normal room. An apartment where bedroom, living room, and kitchen are combined into a single room.


Studio Apartments- Size

Studio Apartments, also known as Efficiency Apartments work on the principle of proper space utilization. It has minimum barriers with an open floor plan, though the floor plans may vary depending on the location. There is not much difference between a studio apartment and a 1RK (one-room kitchen). Studio apartments vary from 250-700 sq. ft.

Studio Apartments- Price

Studio Apartments are usually found in cities and are famous among urban home buyers. The price of a studio apartment various depending on the location. If it is the center of the city or in a strategic location, the price can range from 25 lakhs to 1 crore.

1BHK and Studio Apartments- The Difference

Though a lot of people consider both 1BHK and a studio apartment to be the same, there is a lot of difference between the two. A 1BHK comes with a room, hall, kitchen, and bathroom, whereas a studio apartment is a single large room and the person who stays in it has to make space for everything within that room.

Studio Apartments- Benefits

Studio Apartments may be small, but it comes with a lot of benefits both for the owners and the tenants.

  1. Affordable when compared to other apartment types.
  2. Usually, low rent compared to others.
  3. Lower electricity bills with low maintenance.
  4. Available in good locations with good connectivity.
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