India Property : Tips for designing a green home

With people becoming more conscious about the environment, green homes are in great demand among homebuyers. These homes not only protect the environment, but also help users to save money. Renewable sources are at the helm of green home designs. Read on to know green home design ideas.

Go for ecologically designed windows and doors

Homes lacking ecologically designed doors and windows lose nearly 30% of energy. Therefore, install ecologically designed windows and doors in your home. Go for energy star rated windows. Make sure that the front door is made up of energy-efficient materials. This will prevent loss of warmth and provide robust insulation.

Select an open floor plan

An open floor plan is an important aspect of a green home. Architects while designing green home plans pay special attention to the layout so that homes can utilize natural sources of energy to the maximum. They also see how rooms will be utilized and how they can regulate the temperature naturally.

Use eco-friendly building materials

While building a green home, it is vital to use eco-friendly building materials. Eco-friendly materials reduce energy consumption and cut down carbon emission manifold. Recycled steel, straw and insulating concrete forms are some of the eco-friendly materials used by real estate developers while building green homes.

Try bamboo flooring

Bamboo is one of the most widely used materials in ecological design. It is durable, renewable and sustainable. It is also easy to maintain and resistant to water damage. You can refinish it and get a similar feeling to that of hardwood. It gives a touchy class to your apartment.

Color walls with eco-friendly paints

Conventional paints have lead and other toxic chemicals. The volatile organic paints deteriorate the quality of indoor air and create smog. Therefore, use eco-friendly paints that are devoid of volatile organic compounds. They are safe and protect you from health hazards.

With the demand for green homes going up, developers are integrating green features in their projects, be it luxury apartments, condominiums, villas or row houses. With time, more homes will have green designs and features.