Construction Industry Trends- 2021

The evolution of technology is something that every industry is witnessing. Though the real estate sector remained slower when it comes to adopting new technology trends, updated technologies have also helped this industry in various ways. Increase in profit margins, improvement in the construction process, new construction techniques, to name a few.

Technology is ruling the world and seems to continue doing the same in the coming years.

Here are some technology trends that may change the entire way we look at the real estate sector.

1. Use of Drones

One of the fastest-growing technology in the real estate industry. There are a lot of construction companies that are using drones to make their process easier. For surveyors who took several weeks and months in the past to assess sites, they can now do it in minutes. With the drone technology coming into the picture and continuously evolving, human involvement has reduced along with the possibility of errors.

2. Augmented Reality (AR)

The year 2021 is all set to see new and updated technologies one of which is Augmented Reality which is expected to be worth $90 billion. The role of AR is to make pre-construction projects distinct for the tenants and the buyers.

For the property developers, AR will facilitate the use of 360-degree video and various wearable technologies to enable:

  • 3D visualization of upcoming projects in the surrounding
  • Automated measurement of buildings
  • Affordable and quick action on structural and architectural changes
  • Safety training and hassle-free stimulation

3. Robotics

This is by far ‘the’ future of the real estate industry. There are a lot of construction industries that have already started using this technology in a controlled and closed factory environment. Robots picking up bricks and laying them will soon be a common sight in the areas of construction.

4. Green Construction

The concept of green buildings is something that is being adopted by the reals estate industry rapidly. This concept involves using technology and all materials that are resource-efficient as well as environment-friendly throughout the entire process of construction. Not to forget, green construction is also cost-effective.

All these new trends and much more are here to stay, therefore giving the real estate industry a new and challenging approach in the years to come.

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